Repairing or Replace??

There are several reasons in our opinion why purchasing the Ultimate MPU Board is a better choice than repairing an existing MPU or buying a used replacement. First it typically cost $85 to $110 plus shipping to have an old board repaired. If repaired and not done properly battery
corrosion will continue to damage the board requiring additional repairs down the road. We have seen many boards repaired and within 6 months they are dead again. With The Ultimate MPU installed, your game will stay up for many years to come. Second there is the fact that the
old board is only good for one machine. It can cost as much as $30 to replace the EPROM's to reprogram the board to a different game. Plus additional jumper modifications if the original board was not configured for EPROM's.

So here is our solution. Purchase The Ultimate MPU and never be concerned about your MPU problems again. Our board will never need new chips since we have pre-programmed over 90 games into each board allowing it to handle all of the late model Bally and Stern games. We also have expansion room available to add rare and specially built games. The next solution was the battery problem. There are no batteries anymore. We use a NVRAM chip that has a 100 year memory. Never a battery problem again. You want to place your Bally game in Free Play mode. No problem. Our board has Free Play mode built into the programming so you don't need to mutilate your pinball machine to have this feature. If that's not enough, our board has enhanced diagnostics that drastically improves the built in self test functions. This enhanced diagnostic in conjunction with our optional Ultimate Test Card, will allow you to test your machine more thoroughly. The Ultimate MPU also has a one chip reset and all IC chips are socketed plus a dozen other improvements. Best yet all of our products include a lifetime warranty no matter if used in a home or commercial environment (See our ordering page for more details on the warranty).

Even after you have purchased The Ultimate MPU, we stand by our product. Our easy to use manual includes a schematic. We have on-line and phone support to help you with any questions that you might have after the purchase. We offer hands down the best after market support in the business.

So if you look at all of the features you receive with The Ultimate MPU in our opinion it's a no brainier. And don't forget we now offer replacement boards for the Ultimate Solenoid and LED/ Lamp Driver Boards with the same lifetime warranties and unmatched features. So why not make sure that the next replacement pinball board is your last.