Universal MPU Board Ultimate Solenoid Driver Board Ultimate LED/Lamp Driver Board
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Hi Dave,
Just wanted to send a follow-up note to let you know how things went. Per your suggestions I checked out the voltage, it seemed fine. Also tried some of the wires too, those seemed ok too. So last Tuesday night took the plunge and ordered your Ultimate board, and got it here in Massachusetts Thursday. Thanks for the fast turnaround!

Installed it Thursday night (in my Bally Freedom SS machine) and its been working great ever since! You have a great product, easy to install, good directions, all the parts I needed, and it brought my machine back to life. Your price is fair, and your product is excellent.

However, most important to me is that you took a couple of minutes to help troubleshoot the problem. I'm sure you do this for a lot of people who ultimately do NOT order your board, but for me I certainly appreciate you making the extra effort to help someone like me new to the hobby and enjoying tinkering on the machine.

As an aside, I also asked the exact same question to a competitor of yours and got this rather condesending reply: "Your game is a 25+ year old piece of electronics. ALL bds need to be restored and upgraded, a very expensive activity if you hire someone like me to do it, assuming you do not have the skills, the knowledge or the tools to do it right yourself. ...... BTW, newsgroups and internet "repair" sites are generally bad sources of repair and technical information."

So, I am not sure what this guy (your competitor) from Oregon (I am sure you know who he is!) was trying to say, but as you can see he sure wasn't much help! I realize that newsgroups and forums are not necessarily the best place to find information, but what is someone to do? It's not a bad place to start, and look for ideas, in my opinion. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your quality product, and taking a few minutes to give someone some help. My kids and I (and all the kids in the neighborhood) are enjoying playing the pinball machine very much over the holidays, as they are all home from school.


...a great product that fills a need for all customers:

Homeowners: a great value for a single game or great for troubleshooting an new purchase

Operators: a great value to get a game back on its feet in order to sell it or operate it...also handy for diagnostics and repair

Technicians: a great value for diagnostics and since all the code is on one board...eliminates a second trip to the game as you always have the right ROMs

...just as the Gottlieb system/1 CPU replacement board has been wonderful in bringing these games back to life, this board is even better because it covers so many Bally and Stern games all in one...maybe the best name for it is "all-in-one"!

...installation proceedures are very simple...a few steps

...market should include even persons with good working boards as the free play feature and the diagnostics offered provide important inprovements to the basic design of the original systems

"Steve Young", Pinball Resource

THE ULTIMATE MPU BOARD Manufactured by Alltek Systems. $199.

How would you like to have an MPU replacement board that doesn't need new ROM chips or program jumper modification ever again? There is a new product in the coin-op marketplace that crams the programming for 85 (yes, 85!) different pinball machines into one board. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, believe it. The technicians at Alltek Systems have reengineered the old Bally and Stern Electronics MPU boards. With the setting of a dipswitch, their Ultimate MPU Board will become any one of its 85 games. Need a Bally Evel Knievel board? Set the switch. Need a Stern Meteor? Set the switch again. And on and on and on ... That includes any of the older Bally games using a –17, –35, or video/pin board. Also in the programming are all of the Stern machines, MPU-100 and -200 series. This virtually eliminates fumbling around with chips or jumper configurations; just set this baby and play. It's smaller than the original Bally/Stern boards, however it's designed to mount perfectly on existing stubs. The guys at Alltek didn't stop there because now you can set all of the Bally games in free play mode. The free play mode was one of the most wanted features in the older Bally pinball machines and now with a single dipswitch setting, this option couldn't be easier. The Ultimate MPU Board utilizes AA batteries instead of Ni-Cad, all IC chips are in sockets, a one chip reset circuit with a reset switch is built in, full onboard static protection, LED power monitoring, and test points. There's also a newer diagnostics program that allows you to exercise the board and machine. An optional switch board that plugs into the J2 connector permits you to exercise the game functions in ways that make it easier to troubleshoot hard to find problems. It's a great tool for the operator or weekend technician. The board is a cakewalk to set up and installation generally takes less than five minutes in any game. Every machine we tested it in performed flawlessly, even the Stern MPU-200 machines. The Ultimate MPU Board comes with new plastic mounting stubs (in case your present ones are broken off), an easy to understand manual, and a helpful Web site www.allteksystems.com which includes schematics and extra documentation. The board is covered by a 5-year warranty even if it is used in a machine located in a commercial setting. After the warranty period is over, Alltek Systems offers a flat rate repair charge.

Reprinted with permission from Gameroom Magazine. June 2001

I gave up on my acid damaged mpu. I bought a new mpu from alltek systems. I recieved the board in 4 days from my order. I had the board in my machine and up and running in about 5 minutes. Just to test it out, I flipped the dip switches and I had the board up and running in another machine in about 3 minutes. If anyone is looking for a mpu replacement, definatly check into this board. For more information, check here: http://www.allteksystems.com

P.S. It can even be used in the baby pac/granny gators, with just a jumper switch.

-- Mickster
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This board is awesome, in the past week Ive had it in a Bally Power Play, 8 Bl Dlx and its worked flawlessly. Very handy when running service calls to have a board like this that has so much flexiibility in the games it can be used in. I'll probably be placing an order for another one shortly.......thanks!



Last night tried th board in Medusa and Fireball II, worked flawlessly!! I am very pleased with your product. I'll be ordering more soon!!

Brian Romancheck


Thanks for checking in. The last two I ordered from you were the 3rd and 4th boards I've purchased so far. And, like the first two, it is working GREAT!!! I was in Allentown and sat in on your presentation and then spoke briefly to you and your partner in the parking lot.

You guys have done a great service to the coin-op industry and the pinball hobby by creating this board. It's easy to use and the free play option is fantastic. So much so that I see some of your competitors are soon to begin offering it.

I'm looking forward to getting the diagnostic tool from you as soon as it's available. Please keep me in mind when it is ready for shipping, as I want at least one, maybe two.

Best and thanks again.
Greg Pruett

Hi Dave

The board is working fantastic. My Flight 2000 worked right away when I hooked it up. I'm close to having my old Flight 2000 board fixed. Once I found out that it was a voltage regulator problem (from using your manual to hook up your board) the old board almost works. I get 7 flashes then the board freezes when going into attract mode. I'm hoping to fix it so that I can use the UMPU for another game (not yet bought).

I friend of mine is most likely going to buy on soon if he already hasn't. Did you contact Marco about selling the board? I talked to him recently but didn't mention the board.

Thanks for the great board
Ken Caine


Hi I received a battery holder in the mail yesterday. It came as a big surpise. I can't thank you enough. You have got one really happy customer here. You are a real pro. I changed it over today worked great. I have used the test card now can't live with out it now it is great. Mata hari and play boy are playing great and both seam faster in play since I put them in. I will be back for more boards in time. If you ever want to conduct a survey of your product put me on your list I will be happy to give feed back. Thanks a lot highest reguards

Bill in Decatur,Il..