1350 Villaverde Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22902 Phone: 877-825-0769
1350 Villaverde Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22902 Phone: 877-825-0769
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Ultimate MPU Board

What are the part numbers that the Ultimate MPU Board is a direct compatible replacement for?

What is the purpose of The Ultimate MPU Board? Is The Ultimate MPU a direct replacement for the original?

Why is The Ultimate MPU Board half size?

Why did you use a Programmable Logic Device Chip (PLD)?

Why do you provide a selectable clock speed jumper?

How do you plan on documenting/supporting your products?

How do you switch to free play mode for Bally games?

How do you switch to on-board diagnostics so you can use the Ultimate MPU Test Card?

Will the Ultimate MPU work with a "Baby Pac-Man" or "Granny and the Gators"?

What is a correct Self-Test light sequence look like?

How do I do a Memory Clear function and why?

Is there free play for the Stern games?

Where are the Test Points on the Ultimate MPU Board?

What is the correct way to test the +5vdc on the Ultimate MPU board?

How do you set the 32 Feature Switches?

I want to replace my old MPU board with the Ultimate MPU board. Do I need to tell you want game this board is being installed in?

What does the overvoltage protection circuit do on the Ultimate MPU Board?

What games will the Ultimate MPU Board work in?

LED/Lamp Driver Board

Will the Lamp/LED Driver Board work with both LED's and #44/47 bulbs meaning a mixture of both?

Will the Lamp/LED Driver Board solve my Flicker problem because I'm using LED's?

How do I attach the jumper wire for the LED/Lamp Driver or Aux Lamp Driver Boards? And why do I need this wire connected?

What games will the LED/Lamp Driver Board work in?

Can I replace the surface mount parts for thru hole parts?

Solenoid Driver Board

Tell me more about the Ultimate Solenoid Driver Board coil protection system.

What does the LED cyclone on the SDB mean?

What games will the Solenoid Driver Board work in?

General Purpose Questions

Which boards should I purchase?

I'm thinking about replacing my connector pins. How should I go about doing that?

How do you handle shipping for domestic and international?