1350 Villaverde Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22902 Phone: 877-825-0769
1350 Villaverde Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22902 Phone: 877-825-0769
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satisfied customer

I can't tell you how honored I am to have your Alltek team work on my three MPU boards . I walk among giants. You and your team and your vision have secured your place in pinball history. Among many other innovators in this field. Your contributions to pinball I am convinced has helped secure the interest and joy in pinball for many generations to come, I'm sure, giving a new life and future to many machines. I have 8 pins I cherish like kids and I hope they will live beyond me. That is why I love your products, I know with my personal experience of using your alltek MPU boards for nearly 20 years without any problems, that your products will help in this hope for me and pinball . I plan to buy a lot more of your products in the coming months for that reason and because of your good business model . I can't thank you enough for having my back. Keep up the good work.
- Bill Hutchins

happy customer

Last night I tried the board in Medusa and Fireball II, it worked flawlessly! I am very pleased with your product. I'll be ordering more soon!
- Brian Romancheck

happy customerThis board is awesome, in the past week I've had it in a Bally Power Play, 8 BI Dlx and it has worked flawlessly. Very handy when running service calls to have a board like this that has so much flexibility in the games it can be used in. I'll probably be placing an order for another one shortly...thanks!

happy customerJust wanted to share how pleased we are with the purchase of the Ultimate MPU board. Quick delivery and easy installation with the aid of video and instruction sheet. Your helpful troubleshooting over the phone was above and beyond what I expected. Now we are able to play our 1979 Bally Dolly Parton machine which has been sitting dormant for years. I will recommend your company to everyone and definitely be a return customer.
- Brenda

happy customerDave, I just wanted to add to your testimonials. I've been putting your Ultimate MPU boards in customer's games for over 18 years and never have I returned to a customer's house and found the MPU board to be at fault. They are built to last and run forever! The price, quality and design of these boards are fantastic and recommend them over any other product out there.
- Cliff Porter, Cliff's Home Amusement Services, Inc.

happy customerHi, I received a battery holder in the mail yesterday. It came as a big surprise. I can't thank you enough. You have got one really happy customer here. You are a real pro. I changed it over today and it worked great. I have used the test card now and can't live without it, it's great. Mata hari and Playboy are playing great and both seem faster in play since I put them in. I will be back for more boards in time. If you ever want to conduct a survey of your product, put me on your list, I will be happy to give feedback. Thanks a lot, highest regards.
- Bill in Decatur, IL

happy customerI grew up on my acid damaged MPU. I bought a new MPU from AlltekSystems. I received the board in 4 days from my order. I had the board in my machine and up and running in about 5 minutes. Just to test it out, I flipped the dip switches and I had the board up and running in another machine in about 3 minutes. If anyone is looking for a MPU replacement, definitely check into this board!
- Mickster, See my Arcade: http://mickster.freeservers.com

happy customerHomeowners: a great value for a single gamer great for troubleshooting a new purchase. Operators: a great value to get a game back on its feet in order to sell it or operate it, it's also handy for diagnostics and repair. Technicians: a great value for diagnostics and since all the code is on one board, it eliminates a second trip to the game as you always have the right ROMs.

happy customerWild Fyre is fixed. It was the date line between the MPU and the Lamp Driver Board Pin 16 on the J3 MPU Connector. The wire was good, the connector had high resistance. Cleaned it off and tightened it a bit and it came right up. I did not realize you could meter the data lines, thought I needed a logic probe. FYI, the lamp test is not game specific. Great tool to use for troubleshooting. Sorry for all the trouble. A testimonial to you is that you didn't give up on me.

happy customerThe board is working fantastic. My Flight 2000 worked right away when I hooked it up. I'm close to having my old Flight 2000 board fixed. Once I found out that it was a voltage regulator problem (from using your manual to hook up your board) the old board almost works. I get 7 flashes then the board freezes when going into attract mode. I'm hoping to fix it so that I can use the UMPU for another game (not yet bought). Thanks for the great board.
- Ken Caine

happy customerYou guys have done a great service to the coin-op industry, and the pinball hobby by creating this board. It's easy to use and the free play option is fantastic. So much so that I see some of your competitors are soon to begin offering it. I'm looking forward to getting the diagnostic tool from you as soon as it's available. Please keep me in mind when it is ready for shipping, as I want at least one, maybe two. Best and thanks again.
- Greg Pruett