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1350 Villaverde Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22902 Phone: 877-825-0769
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20 Years of Quality Pinball Board Manufacturing and Testing

I wanted the next blog to be about the manufacturing and testing of our boards.  This is the 20th year that Allteksystems has been making replacement boards for the early electronic Bally and Stern pinball games.  It’s hard to believe that this is our 20th year but time flies by!

 complete game tester

Allteksystems is proud that from the start we have used American companies to build and assembly our products.  As a matter a fact, we have used the same assembly house for almost the entire time.   Where other companies might switch around to find the best price, we have maintained a friendship with our assembly house over all these years.  This always leads to a better and more consistent product.  Some of our boards have well over 300 parts and there is a lot that can go wrong.  This is also why we believe surface mount is so much better today.  Having machine assembly vs hand stuffing reduces mistakes. 

 Ultimate MPU tester

Of course, we would be lying if we told you that the assembly process is perfect and that there are no issues when we get the boards back from the assembly house.  It’s just the opposite.  There is a percentage of boards that fail our rigorous testing.  We have several older test sets that we use for testing the boards.  Every board gets tested twice before it goes to packaging.  We also use other test equipment that we can use to cycle individual circuits and burn in the boards.  This testing process is important because these products are going into 40 plus year old games.  We want you to feel comfortable that you are purchasing a working set of boards and from that point you are left troubleshooting the things that the new boards can’t fix, like bad wiring. 

 Rework Station

I think that's why we are the only company out there to offer a 10-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty no matter who purchased the board.  WE don’t even care if the boards are being used in a commercial or personal environment.  You see we believe in our products and feel that they will last for another generation of pinball enthusiasts to enjoy and collect. To view our whole line of pinball replacement boards, click here.

I think our next blog will be about our amazing, unprecedented product support. If you have a suggestion for a blog post that you'd like to see in the future, please drop it in the comments below.

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  • Dave Cress on

    Best boards hands down!
    Over the last six years I have have slowly replaced all my boards with alltek boards in my early solid state Bally and Stern Pinball machines,
    The Bally list includes: Silver Ball Mania, Space Invaders, Xenon,& Vector.
    The Stern list includes: Flight 2000,Meteor,& Hot hand.
    All now have new Alltek MPU, Solenoid Driver, & LED Lamp Driver boards.
    Everything works perfectly.
    It gives me great pleasure to see my children and now my grandchildren enjoy playing the same machines that I have when I was a teenager nearly 45 years ago.
    Thank You Alltek Systems

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